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A Story About Adoption   Recently updated !

Seven years old Christeen is an orphan. Although she seems the same as the other children at the orphanage, there is something different about her. She has been adopted, she is playing with the same toys as the other children, eating the same food as the other children, but she is different because she knows […]

A Story About Adoption

Guidelines to Help You Grow Spiritually

Guidelines to Help You Grow Spiritually   Recently updated !

Spiritual growth does not just happen; it requires intentional effort enabled by the grace of God. Praying and reading your Bible form the basic building blocks of spiritual growth, but they are by no means the only facets there are to growing spiritually. The following are some guidelines you can follow to help you grow […]

Why It Is Important That Your Child Feels Accepted   Recently updated !

The acceptance of parents is one of the essential values in the development of a child’s positive self-esteem and confidence. From the day a child is born and becomes part of the family unit, parents form the most important part of a child’s life. The foundation of a child’s awareness is laid in the home. […]

Why It Is Important That Your Child Feels Accepted?

Characterstics of Great Leaders

Characteristics of Great Leaders   Recently updated !

Great leaders do not set out to do great things, but they aspire to live fully and maximize their potential. They have a passion for life motivated by a sense of purpose and destiny. Great leaders are people who have risen to the top despite their weaknesses. In this article, I will share some standards […]

Do Positive Affirmations Really Work?   Recently updated !

Your subconscious is fertile soil; whatever is planted in it will grow. You are currently influenced by statements that have conditioned your subconscious throughout your life. If your subconscious has been fed with negativity, it will cause you to be full of negativity as well as critical and self-critical behaviour. This negative self-perception can be […]

Do Positive Affirmations Really Work

Developing a sense of achievement in your child

Developing a Sense of Achievement in Your Child

Recent research has found that children are more satisfied with themselves when they see themselves as skillful and competent. They are more likely to try their best to solve problems and attempt new things. These children also do better at school and readily accept responsibility for their actions. It is essential that a sense of […]