Developing a Sense of Achievement in Your Child

Developing a sense of achievement in your child

Recent research has found that children are more satisfied with themselves when they see themselves as skillful and competent. They are more likely to try their best to solve problems and attempt new things. These children also do better at school and readily accept responsibility for their actions. It is essential that a sense of achievement is constantly encouraged in all spheres of a child’s life. Encouragement is the most effective way to build a feeling of achievement in a child. When you reward good behavior in a child, the child is more likely to repeat the desirable behavior.

Methods you can utilize to increase your child’s feeling of achievement.

  1. Do not interfere. Resist the temptation to interfere when your child is busy playing. For example, when your child is coloring in, do not tell them to use a different color instead of the one that they want to use. When parents interfere with their child’s play, they can cause the child to feel that what they are doing is not good enough.
  1. Make the child’s environment conducive to doing things for themselves. Make adjustments to the home environment so that your child can experience doing things for themselves from a young age. Allow them to experience the pleasure of doing things for themselves by placing a stool in the bathroom to reach the toothpaste and using fitted sheets that allow the child to make up his or her bed.
  1. Identify you child’s strong points. Invest time and money in identifying the strong points of your child as early in life as possible. The confidence a child gains from outstanding achievements in one area are often easily carried over into other spheres of the child’s life. Build the child’s overall confidence by encouraging the child to do something that interest’s him or her. A sense of achievement invariably builds confidence in children.
  1. Allow your child to make decisions. You can increase your child’s feeling of achievement by allowing them to make decisions for themselves from an early age. Allowing them to make decisions provides with a feeling of independence and makes them aware that they are capable of doing things for themselves. Give your child options to choose from and respect their decision even if it is not a good It is important for children to discover their ability to choose.


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