Those That Thirst Come and Drink

Those That Thirst Come and Drink

I like to keep a bottle of water on my desk to remind myself to drink enough water during the day. Right now I am thirsty and need to drink the water in the bottle. I can look at the water for as long as I want to, I can talk about the water as much as I want to, I can think about the water as much as I want, but if I don’t actually drink the water and take it inside of me, I will remain thirsty.

I can go and take a shower and wash my whole body with water and still I will remain thirsty. Stand waist high in water, and you can still die of thirst if you don’t drink the water. Drink the wrong water, like the salty water of the ocean, and you will just end up thirstier.

I take a nice long sip of water and my thirst is quenched. But what about the thirst my soul has? Thirst for peace, thirst for acceptance, thirst for love, thirst for joy. How can that thirst ever be quenched.

I have been a Christian for over thirty years now, but it was only ten years ago that I experienced how only Jesus can remove that ever present soul thirst. I knew Jesus, I read about Him in the Bible, I prayed in His name, sat in the Church on Sundays, could tell you all about Him, but until then I never took up His offer to come and drink of the living water He has to offer.

What is this living water, where can one find it, how do you drink of it? You won’t find it in keeping religious rules, you don’t drink it by sitting in Church every Sunday, you don’t drink it by doing good to your neighbour. You have to allow this living water to enter inside of you. You can use the water to make the outside look nice and clean, doing all the right things and speaking Christianese fluently, but that will not take away your thirst. You have to give Jesus Christ permission to enter all aspects of your life. Give Him lordship over your life and your thirst will be quenched. But remember, yesterday’s drink of water cannot quench today’s thirst.

What will you do today with the living water that Jesus is offering? If you thirst then come and drink.

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