Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

Last week Friday was one year since my father died. At first, the day went well, some fond memories of the past came up and I was enjoying my day. It was only later in the day that I started feeling very tired and found myself overreacting to situations. Initially I put it down to a busy week, but I now realize that even though I had worked through my dad’s death, my body somehow reacted on a subconscious level to the pain and grief that I went through a year ago.

When God created us He never meant for us to die, it was sin that brought in the death of the spirit which caused the death of the body. Our bodies and emotions are not able to fully process death. I find myself often still having this unreal feeling regarding my father’s death. It is as if there is never quite, a complete acceptance in my flesh that he is no longer with us.

But God did make a way for us through His son Jesus, who took our sins upon himself so that we could have eternal life through faith in Him. That when the time comes for our bodies to die, our spirit, which is our true selves, will live on and we will receive new bodies. Even though we find death difficult to deal with, is it really something to fear? When a plane lands, nobody weeps because they have to leave the plane. You don’t hear people shouting: “Don’t make me leave”. Everyone is willing to exit because the plane has no permanent address. You can make the trip as comfortable as possible, but all the time you know there will be a time when you will exit the plane.

As Christians, we know that our time on earth is also a journey. It is not our permanent address, someday the plane will land and we will exchange our temporary home for our eternal home. Just as grandparents wait in anticipation outside the delivery room, angels will be waiting with excitement for our arrival.

Don’t let the fear of death stop you from completing your journey. Don’t be like the woman who at the age of 37 told her friends that her life is hanging on a thread. She went to bed and stayed there for 53 years and died at the age of 90. The Doctors could find nothing wrong with her and diagnosed her with a severe case of hypochondria. Fear of death caused her to stop living long before she died.

So how do we prepare for that inevitable day of our death? My advice would be that as you give your life to God, so also give your death to Him. Imagine the moment of your final breath and give it to God. With Christ in your heart and heaven as your home, your day of death can be sweeter than your day of birth.

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