What Does it Take to Be a Leader? 1

What Does it Take to Be a Leader?

It is often said that this or that person is a born leader but are leaders born or can you be made into a leader?  It is my firm belief that anyone has the potential to become a leader. In this blog, we will look at some common characteristics that make for strong leadership.

A Sense of Purpose

Discovering and capturing a sense of purpose is one of the foundational keys to becoming an effective leader. The purpose of something is its original reason for its creation. Your purpose is your reason and meaning for living. Finding your purpose in life gives the leader a clear guiding vision that engenders persistence and perseverance, even when faced with setbacks and failures.


To be an effective leader you need to love what you do and love doing it. You need a deep guiding purpose, a clear vision for your life and a sense of significance. Purpose is the leader’s fuel for perseverance, persistence, and passion.


Integrity in a leader is the result of self-knowledge, candor and maturity. In order to experience success, leaders have to know their strengths and weaknesses. They need to know what they want to do and how they want to do it. Leaders cannot afford to lie to themselves. They should be honest about their assets and flaws and deal with them directly. Leaders should strive to discover their full potential while accepting themselves as worthy and valuable. Candor is one of the keys to self-knowledge and is based on honesty of thought and action with steadfast devotion to principle, soundness, and wholeness. Effective leaders are dedicated, observant and capable of working with others, and are capable of encouraging these qualities in their followers.


Trust is something that cannot be acquired; trust must be earned. Trust is something that is given by your followers. Without trust from their followers, leaders cannot function properly. Trust is a product of time and integrity. Great leaders are individuals whose characters have been proven and established as faithful and trustworthy. Trustworthiness in a leader is the result of both character and competence. Who you are and what you do is the foundation of trust. Effective leaders are those that earn the trust and confidence of others.

Curiosity and Daring

Effective leaders are those individuals who are willing to challenge traditions and experiment with new ideas. They are ready to take risks, take a leap of faith, try new things and challenge conventions. They are leaders who do not worry about failures because they know they will learn from them.

Becoming a Leader by Myles Munroe

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