Why It Is Important That Your Child Feels Accepted

Why It Is Important That Your Child Feels Accepted?

The acceptance of parents is one of the essential values in the development of a child’s positive self-esteem and confidence. From the day a child is born and becomes part of the family unit, parents form the most important part of a child’s life. The foundation of a child’s awareness is laid in the home. Children instinctively look for the approval of their parents. If this parental approval is lacking an essential need in the child is left unfulfilled.

Parents should not force their child in a direction that they feel the child should follow. When making an important decision regarding your child’s life, you should take the child’s unique personality and natural inclination in consideration. Children are people in their own right with feelings, interests and ideas of their own. Be careful that you do not try to turn your child into a duplicate of yourself or an older sibling. Every child should be given the opportunity to be themselves and lead their own lives.

How You Can Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Acceptance

    1. Show devoted interest in your child. Be sensitive to the child’s particular needs and desires. Show consistent love and unconditional acceptance.
    2. Become sincerely involved in all the activities of your child. Support them in their activities, especially when they failed or were embarrassed. Support can be demonstrated in various ways. It can be an encouraging hug or simply talking to your child about their particular interests. If possible, you can even participate in the pursuit of that interest.
    3. Be available to your child in both the good and bad times. A child experiences a great deal of acceptance when they find that their parents support them when they are upset. Children need to know that their parents will be there for them when they are not successful in what they attempted.
    4. Remember significant experiences and names. Make an effort to remember the names of your child’s pets and friends. Also, try to remember their experiences that they shared with you. Remembering relevant experiences and names in your child’s life will enable your child to feel truly accepted.


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